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Friday, January 19, 2018
Come Share the Warmth
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Loose change received in the Sunday offering place, as well as a budgeted amount, is designated to a different recipient each quarter.  The recipients are:
2016, 2nd Quarter
Money from 2nd quarter will be go to UMCOR. This is the United Methodist international support fund for disaster relief.
2016, 1st Quarter

1st Quarter Loose Change went to “Zimbabwe Scholarship Fund”. HUMC Members Gary & Cathy Erickson went on a mission trip to Zimbabwe. The money for this fund will allow children to attend school using this scholarship fund. We were able to fund 6 children with the money sent.

2015, 4th Quarter
 2015 4th Quarter will go to Hayward Food Shelf.
2015, 3rd Quarter
2015 3rd Quarter will go to the annual Operation Christmas Fund which is in conjunction with First Lutheran Church of Hayward.
2015, 2nd Quarter

2015 2nd Quarter will be split between 2 projects.  We will put aside $200 from our budgeted amount of $350 towards the expenses for the Twin Town All Stars concert on Friday, July 10, at The Park Theater.  The band is made up of players from the JJ’s (including our own Duey Cady), the Pig’s Eye Jazz Band, Lazy Does It, The Barbary Coast Dixieland Band and The Largemouth Brass.  The music is traditional Dixieland jazz, blues and gospel, and an occasional rag.  It is bound to be a great evening

The balance of $150, Loose Change extra giving will go to the Senior Resource Center of Sawyer County.  They offer a variety of programs for the seniors of Sawyer County.  Many services are free or have a nominal fee.  Some of the programs are Meals On Wheels, a Nutrition Program, Tax preparation, Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group, and an Alzheimer’s Day Respite Program, just to name a few.

2015, 1st Quarter

2015 1st Quarter will be split between 2 projects.  We will put aside $200 from our budgeted amount of $350 towards the expenses for a concert in late summer.  Details to follow as they come together.

Each year Outreach chooses an international project and this quarter the balance of the budgeted amount along with all of the Loose Change will be for Imagine No Malaria.  The Wisconsin Conference UMC has committed to raise $1 Million to support this cause by Annual Conference 2015. Malaria is a disease of poverty, accounting for over 200 million cases every year.  Malaria currently kills an estimated 627,000 people each year. That is the equivalent of 8 Lambeau Fields at full capacity every single year.


2014, 4th Quarter

Across the nation, EVERYDAY, twenty-two combat veterans commit suicide…This is simply unacceptable. It is estimated that approximately 30% of returning veterans have some form of PTSD. Transitioning into civilian life is also challenging. Our 4th Quarter Outreach Loose Change and giving will go to a program called “Horse Spirit for Soldiers” at Whispering Oaks Equine Center in Hayward, run by our own Sandy Sheehan.  Sandy has been using equine assisted therapy to help kids-at-risk, AODA adults and family as a group for the past five years. The program will be offered to our Veterans at no charge and our funds will help cover the cost to maintain the horse, hay, shots, farrier, barn electricity, insurance, etc. The healing doesn't come from riding the animals.  Instead, it's about being around the horses, working with them and becoming partnersThe structure of equine assisted therapy provides a unique atmosphere for the client to work through personal challenges in a “safe zone” environment.

2014, 3rd Quarter

3rd Quarter Outreach funds will be for Operation Christmas.  Again this year we are joining with First Lutheran and their annual Operation Christmas project.  With the funds we collect this quarter will be able to purchase the food for 200 families.  As we get closer to the event will be collection scarves, hats, mittens and Christmas presents for the children.   The dates for this year’s event has not yet been chosen, but we will also need volunteers to pack food boxes and help distribute the food and gifts.  The distribution days are a great way for people of all ages to share in the Christmas spirit.

2014, 2nd Quarter
$250 will to to Personal Energy Transportation (or PET) which builds hand-cranked wheelchairs designed to provide mobility to those in 3rd world countries who have lost the use of their legs due to polio, landmine injuries, amputation, etc.  Each of these carts costs $250.  This quarter we will be sending $250 so that someone can have the gift of mobility.  Find more info at www.giftofmobility.org.
The balance of the quarter's budgeted amount plus all of the loose change collected on Sundays will go to Shirley's Place in Rockford, IL.
2014, 1st Quarter
First Quarter giving will be to the website Caring Bridge.  Over the years this website has provided our members with updates on many of our family and friends. CaringBridge.org is a nonprofit that impacts the lives of families around the world, offering hope and spreading love.
2013, 4th Quarter
Hope Lodge provides a free place to stay for cancer patients and their caregivers when receiving treatments at Mayo.  It provides an environment which focuses on getting well, in a nurturing, home-like setting.  In memory of Char Schwenker, we are contributing all of the loose change collected this quarter, along with the budgeted missions amount to Hope Lodge at Mayo.
2013, 3rd Quarter
$200 will go toward the expenses of the Jumpin' Jehosaphats concert on Aaugust 1, 2013 at the Park Theater.  $150 plus the Loose Change offering from each church service will go toward Operation Christmas.  We will join First Lutheran with their annual project preparing boxes of food, with mittens, hats, scarves, socks, and Christmas presents for the children in more than 150 local families.  Our contributions will go towards the food.  Then as we get closer to the event there will be collections for scarves, hats, mittens and Christmas presents.
2013, 2nd Quarter
$200 will go toward the expenses of the Jumpin' Jehosaphats concert on August 1, 2013 at the Park Theater.  $150 plus the Loose Change offering from each church service will go to Fisher House in Minneapolis.  Fisher House is "a home away from home" for families of Veterans hospitalized at a major military and VA medical center.  Families do not pay to stay at a Fisher House.  There are 60 Fisher Houses located in the United States and Germany which can accommodate 16-42 family members.  All feature a common kitchen, laundry facilities, spacious dining room and living room with library and toys for children.  In 2012, over 19,000 families stayed at Fisher Houses for an average of 10 days, saving these families more than $30 million in lodging cost, plus food and transportation.  This project was chosen to honor the many family members from our congregation who are or have served our country & Memorial Day which falls during this quarter.  For more information on Fisher House, check out their website at www.siherhouse.org.
2013, 1st Quarter 

This quarter's funds will be split between 2 projects. We will put aside $200 from our budgeted amount of $350 towards the expenses of the Jumpin’ Jeosaphats concert on August 1, 2013 (at The Park Theater). The balance of the budgeted amount along with all of the Loose Change will be sent to UMCOR and designated for continued relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy. 

We continue to reinvest our KIVA loans and currently have 150 loans in 44 countries.

2012, 2nd Quarter
This quarter's funds will go to help those in Harrisburg, Illinois, recover from a devasting tornado earlier this year.  With the help of Don Black and his daughter, Tiffany, who is a pastor at the UMC in Robinson, IL (in the same conference as Harrisburg), we will be working with the First United Methodist Church of Harrisburg.
2012, 1st Quarter
We will continue to help a local family and also increase our giving to Kiva.  The loose change offering, along with the remaining Outreach funds, will go to Northwest Family REsources here in Hayward. 
2011, 3rd & 4th Quarter
This quarter's loose change offering and budgeted amount will go to help those affected by devastating tornadoes.  We will help the Welcome Table in Minot, North Dakota.  Some monies will also go to help a local family.

2011, 2nd Quarter
With all the natural disasters happening in our world, and the expected flooding in the Upper Midwest with the spring thaw, Outreach has decided to combine the $350 budgeted amount along with the Loose Change collected and give one half to Upper Midwest flooding relief and send the other half to Christchurch, New Zealand as they contiinue to struggle to rebuild after the horrific earthquake they suffered earlier this year.
Our church has a special connection with the people of New Zealand.  Our former pastor, Marilyn Loken, and her husband, Rod, currently live in New Zealand.  Her church is located north of Christchurch and was not affected by the earthquake, but everyone seems to know someone who was.  Marilyn will check to see if there is a church that may be able to use some help from us to purchase Bibles, music, books, or other items that may be needed to rebuild.  maybe there is a family that could use some assistance to get back on their feet.  Since it takes a long time to rebuild from these natural disasters, sending some funds at the end of the 2nd Quarter, when all have forgotten and news crews are gone, could be very useful.
Please note:  Outreach made their spending decisions before the terrible events in Japan.  We continue to pray for the people of Japan and the hardships they face.  If you wish to donate to Japan Relief, please give through UMCOR.
2011, 1st Quarter
Last year the Wisconsin Conference depleted their supply of Cleaning/Flood Buckets. Over 3000 cleaning buckets were distributed, in partnership with UMCOR’s Mid-West Mission Distribution Center www.midwestmissiondc.org/  to the flood areas in Milwaukee this year.
Our first quarter project this year will be to help in replenishing that supply. Cleaning buckets are one of the first signs of hope a family receives after a flood. Our budgeted amount of $350 plus the Loose Change collected this quarter will go to buying the items needed to file buckets. 
We can use 5 - gallon buckets with re-sealable lids. Buckets from fast food restaurants or bakeries can be used if washed and cleaned. Do not use buckets that have stored chemicals such as paint or pool cleaner. Advertisements on the outside are acceptable. 
If you would like to fill a Cleaning/Flood Bucket the items needed are: 
Liquid laundry detergent - two 25 oz. or one 50 oz. bottles only
Liquid household cleaner - 12 – 16 oz. liquid cleaner that can be mixed with water (no spray cleaners_
Dish soap -16 – 28 oz. bottle, any brand
1 can air freshener - aerosol or pump
1 insect repellant spray - 6 – 14 oz. aerosol or spray pump with protective cover
1 scrub brush - plastic or wooden handle
18 cleaning wipes - handi wipes or reusable wipes (no terry cleaning towels)
7 sponges - remove from wrapper
5 scouring pads - remove from wrapper (no stainless steel, Brillo pads or SOS pads, nothing with soap   built in)
50 clothespins - remove from packaging
Clothesline - two 50 ft. or one 100 ft. cotton or plastic.
24 roll heavy duty trash bags - 33 – 45 gallon sizes (remove from the box)
5 dust masks
2 pair disposable kitchen gloves - rubber or latex (remove from packaging)
1 pair work gloves - cotton with leather palm or all leather
2010, 4th Quarter
Loose change this quarter will go to the Pastor's Discretionary fund and the quarterly budget amount will go to Operation Christmas Child.
2010, 3rd Quarter
The Loose Change this quarter and proceeds from the Jumpin’ Jehosafats
concert will be divided equally between Habitat for Humanity of Sawyer County and Elizabeth Home of Hope. Our portion going to Elizabeth Home will be first
distributed thru Sarah Simpson’s Girl Scout Troop and the playground they are
building at Elizabeth Home. Sarah’s Troop has sent me the following to explain their project:
"Silver Award is the highest award for a Cadette Scout. We have 8 girls in our Troop in the 8th and 9th Grades. We have had to work on 3 badges focusing on our project:
      1. Home Improvements
      2. Home is Where the Heart Is   dealing with homelessness
      3. Child Care
Also before starting our project we had to complete 25 hours of leadership, complete a Challenge Pin and work on our Dreams to Reality Award which deals with careers.
For our Silver Award project we chose to build a playset and refurbish a playhouse for the Elizabeth Home of Hope sponsored by the Salvation Army. We must spend a total of 40 hours per girl planning, developing a budget and building our project.
Our budget for the project is $3,976 which includes using recycled tires that are shredded into mulch. While this is 1/3 of our budget, we feel that it is a better product to protect against falls and also helping our planet. Our troop has worked hard at Cookie Sales and has earned $1,200 toward our project so far. The Girl Scout Challenge and Change Grant is also helping us with $1500.
We have had many work days so far and the playset is ½ done and the playhouse is in the scrapping paint stage. It is harder than we thought but we are committed. Thank you for considering our project. 
Also, if you have a taste for a Thin Mint, our cookie sales continue at the Salvation Army Store on Hwy. B.
Thank you from Troop 4506
Brittany, Jordan, Brenna, Maura, Josi, Breanna, Sarah and Christina"
2010, 2nd Quarter
Budgeted funds will go toward training congregation members to become Spiritual and Emotional Care Givers/Child Care providers, as part of our Disaster Preparedness and Response Program.  Encountered in various ways in all human beings, spirituality is a common human phenomenon.  There are many facets that are involved in spirituality including connectedness to a divine force, inner strength, control over one's life, and hope.  These and other faces of spirituality may come into focus or be questioned in the event of a dissaster.  We encourage you to open your heart and learn more about becoming trained as a Spiritual/Emotional Care or Child Care Provider.  Contact Tom Blumenberg or Maryalice McHugh for more information.
Loose change collected this quarter will go to support the Hayward Community Food Shelf.
2010, 1st Quarter  
Due to the catastrophic events that occurred in Haiti, Outreach has decided direct all of the first quarter budgeted funds and Loose Change to Haitian relief. Outreach had $600 earmarked for the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund (now not needed due to large contributions to this fund), which will no go to Haiti, along with our quarterly budget of $350. As a church, the Administrative Council voted to send an additional $1,050. Those funds, plus the initial donations made from members of our congregation, total $2,240 and have already been sent.   Remember that our apportionments pay all of the administration fees for UMCOR so that every dollar given through UMCOR goes directly to the designated cause, in this case Haitian Relief.
Please hold the Haitian people in your prayers and the families of Rev. Sam Dixon, UMCOR leader, and Rev. Clinton Rabb, Mission Executive, who died when the Hotel Montana collapsed.
2009, 4th Quarter
The Loose Change for our 4th quarter will be going to Nothing But Nets (www.NothingButNets.net), which is a grassroots campaign to save lives by preventing malaria, a leading killer of children in Africa. While the UN Foundation has been working with the UN to fight malaria for years, it was a column that Rick Reilly wrote about malaria in Sports Illustrated, challenging each of his readers to donate at least $10 for the purchase of an anti-malaria bed net -- and the incredible response from thousands of Americans across the country -- that led to the creation of the Nothing But Nets campaign. The reaction to Reilly's 815 words made clear that thousands of people were ready to help the million children dying unnecessarily each year of malaria. Within a few short months, Nothing But Nets raised over 1 million dollars. And so Nothing But Nets was born.
2009, 3rd Quarter
Imagine the Namekagon River rising to unprecedented heights and wiping out the town of Cable. Imagine not only the river being the highest it has been in almost 100 years, but blocks of ice 5 feet thick.   In Eagle, Alaska, on the Yukon River, northeast of Fairbanks, this small town of 150 was wiped out by an ice flow and high water after some unseasonably warm weather.  The Loose Change for our 3rd quarter will be going to this community, through the Eagle Bible Church, to help those residents who were displaced. This  community relies on summer salmon runs to fill caches for the long harsh winters (-60â—¦ is normal). However, the fish wheels secured to the shore for the off season have been destroyed by the ice flow. It will take most of the summer to get to the ground, and then there is no time left for building as winter is just around the corner. Finally, the town water well has tested positive for e-coli and heating oil and diesel fuel have run from their punctured tanks.  Roads to villages in this part of Alaska are closed from about October to May and it is expected to take 3 years to rebuild 1½ miles stretch of road. Our small contribution will be used for building supplies, tools, food and shelter.   Last, but certainly not least, they ask for our prayers.
Our quarterly budgeted amount of $350 will go towards the continued sponsorship of Karyn de Jesus Perez, in Guatemala through Common HopeKaryn turned 10 years old on December 24.
2009, 2nd Quarter
The Wisconsin Conference Disaster Relief efforts, including Disaster Response Teams. There are ongoing needs resulting from the long-term recovery after the 2008 flooding in the southern portion of the state.  When the need is met, any remaining funds will be rolled over into the next disaster situation that arises in Winsconsin.
Background information regarding the Disaster Response Teams:
Thirty (30) Wisconsin counties have been declared disaster areas and continue with vital need for your disaster relief since the unprecedented June 2008 flooding. The Disaster Response Team (DRT) of the Wisconsin Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church steps in as soon as the area is safe, sanitary and secure. The DRT engages in long term recovery efforts long after immediate agencies have left the scene; often taking more than a year to complete their mission. Therefore your continuing help is needed now. The conference DRT calls you to help your neighbor as you “Live, Give and Love beyond all expectation.”
The Conference’s Disaster Response Team is available on-call to respond to Wisconsin disasters and work in the Relief and Recovery phases of a disaster. Volunteering means a commitment to training, attending at least one meeting per year, offering leadership within a team, and being available when called for 1—7 days (you may decline a particular call for good reason). 
The team consists of leaders and back-up personnel for the following functions:
     Case Management        Childcare                        Communications
     Community Relations    Incident Command         Logistics
     Spiritual Care                Volunteer Coordinator
If you are interested in more information visit www.wisconsinumc.org then click on conference info and then disaster information, or talk to Tom Blumenberg.
2009, 1st Quarter
Our 1st quarter funds and Loose Change will go to AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin (www.ARCW.org). ARCW is among the largest and most comprehensive AIDS service agencies in the country. They provide a vast array of health and social services to over 3,000 Wisconsin residents living with HIV disease, including those in Sawyer County. Through a wide variety of aggressive AIDS prevention programs, they make over 150,000 prevention contacts every year with people who are at risk for contracting HIV.  
Additionally, ARCW is the largest provider of HIV health care in Wisconsin, with medical, dental and mental health clinics available to those with HIV disease regardless of their ability to pay.   ARCW provides an array of important social support services which include residential housing, rent assistance, legal assistance, food services, alcohol and drug treatment, benefits advocacy and case management.
Finally, ARCW offers a comprehensive continuum of AIDS prevention programs throughout    Wisconsin. They are proud of their Lifepoint clean needle exchange program which operates in 11 Wisconsin cities. From abstinence support to HIV risk reduction counseling to HIV testing, we bring the most effective AIDS prevention strategies to gay men, injection drug users, women and youth at risk for HIV disease.
2008, 4th Quarter
Our 4th quarter funds and loose change will go to Operation Christmas Child (OCC).  A division of Samaritan's Purse (www.SamaritansPurse.org), this ministry brings compassionate care and the good news of God's love to thousands of orphaned, abandoned, and impoverished children throughout the United States and the world.  In 2006, 7.6 million shoeboxes were collected and distributed.  August marked the kick-off of Operation Christmas Child here in Hayward.  There are brochures in the narthex and in Fellowship Hall with complete instructions and labels for your shoebox.  This is a great project for friends and neighbors, so invite them to join us.  If you need a supply of brochures for your friends, email office@HaywardUMC.orgFurther instructions.


2008, 3rd Quarter

Our 3rd quarter funds and Loose Change will be going to Common Hope (www.CommonHope.org), a program whose mission is Educating Children and Empowering Families in Guatemala.   Their mission is to “promote hope and opportunity in Guatemala, partnering with children, families and communities who want to participate in a process of development to improve their lives through education, health care and housing.” Through education, Common Hope builds a relationship with their families creating choices and opportunities so that those born without them can improve their own lives. Our budgeted amount will going straight to the organization for their use in projects and the Loose Change will be used to sponsor one or more child, with the hope of continuing the sponsorship with some type of ongoing effort.

2008, 2nd Quarter
We will have two recipients for our 2008 2nd quarter Outreach projects. All of the loose change will go to the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, which will be held on Friday night, August 9, 2008. Several members of our congregation participate as walkers at this annual event. If someone from the church would like to start a team, the total funds collected would be donated through our HUMC team.   If the church does not have a team, the total collected will be evenly donated through the walkers of our congregation. If you are interested in starting a team, please contact me and I will be happy to get you the necessary information.
Outreach members are extremely excited about our second giving opportunity. Our budgeted amount of $350 will be given to Kiva (www.Kiva.org).   Kiva is an organization that lends money to unique entrepreneurs in the developing world striving for self-sufficiency. As a “lender” we choose who to sponsor in hopes of helping the world’s working poor make great strides towards economic independence. Throughout the course of the loan we will receive updates from the entrepreneurs. As the loan is repaid, we then loan the money out to another. Our gift of $350 is given again and again. Other supporting partners include Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Orrick and Starbucks, just to name a few. We have not yet chosen the entrepreneurs we will be supporting, but will let you know when we do. We encourage you to visit the website and follow our entrepreneurs.

2008, 1st Quarter

Sponsorship of Ryan Reissner for Christian camp ministry program.  

Our 1st quarter will spotlight the son of Ron and LaVonne Reissner, Ryan. Ryan has accepted an internship with Camp Forest Springs, Westboro, WI in their Leadership, Training & Development (LTD) Program. Ryan and his family (Heather and daughters Zoe and Maia) will be moving to Camp Forest Springs for his one year internship in Christian camp ministry. The LTD Program will prepare Ryan for ministry in Christian camping and strengthen his Christian leadership through classroom instruction and "hands-on" experiences.

LTD participants are responsible for their own meals when the Camp dining hall is closed, as well as their personal expenses and that of their family. The program requires total immersion of the Intern and his family in the Christian camping experience, so outside employment is not an option for these expenses. Outreach has chosen Ryan to receive all of the 1st quarter Loose Change and the budgeted amount of $350, the total of which should cover about one month of expenses. 

Additional information on Camp Forest Springs and the LTD Program can be found at www.campforestsprings.org


 2007, 4th Quarter - Two recipients: 

      Mentoring Children of Prisoners Program - a new program in Sawyer County.  According to program coordinator, Trina Starr, there are approximately 73 children in the area with one parent incarcerated.  The program pairs each child with a trained mentor for one year.  The mentor will offer friendship to the child, someone who can offer a positive influence.  Our donations will go toward a fund, which would allow children to travel to visit their parent in prison, to purchase school clothes and shoes for children or to give them supervised entertainment with a mentor.

     Two families living at Elizabeth Home of Hope - the church will be "adopting" these two families at Christmas to make sure that there are gifts under the tree on Christmas morning.  In addition, we will be collecting paper products and cleaning products for Elizabeth Home on a table in Fellowship Hall.  Items needed include:  paper towels, toothpaste, diapers, dish soap, toilet paper, diaper wipes, cleaning products, kleenex. 

2007, 3rd Quarter - Two recipients:  Salvation Army in Sawyer County and an orphanage in Thailand which houses about 1,000 children from many Hill Villages and teaches them skills to use as adults.  Jim and Pat Brown worked at the orphanage last winter while on a trip to Southeast Asia.  

2007, 2nd Quarter 2007 - Ventures Unlimited, a not for profit work program for adults with developmental disabilities located here in Hayward.  Through businesses in the area, Ventures provides paying jobs for these individuals.  Ventures serves a broad area, including Sawyer, Washburn and Bayfield counties.  Because of their expanding area, Ventures is in dire need of a van.  All of our loose change collected this quarter will be donated toward that purchase.  2007, 1st Quarter 2007 -  Hayward Area Community Food Shelf Building Fund.  

Past Outreach Recipients:

     Rev. Paul Webster, UMC Missionary in Zambia 

     Habitat for Humanity of Sawyer County

     Hunger and Homelessness Outreach Programs and Education (HHOPE) - Rome, GA

     Elizabeth's Home of Hope - Hayward, WI

     Boys & Girls Club of Lac Courte Oreilles

     Sawyer County Safe House

     Odanah UMC, Bad River Indian Reservation

     Pastor's Discretionary Fund

     Casa de Atencion al Menor - Cuernavaca, Moreleos, Mexico