Hayward United Methodist Church
Friday, January 19, 2018
Come Share the Warmth
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Food for Friends
"Food for friends" is a temporary help provided for church members in need ... following surgery, during chemotherapy or other medical treatments which may be debilitating, or any situations where there is thought to be a need.  The method is informal; a request is circulated at church and members volunteer on a scheduled basis.  HUMC church people have been unbelievably generous in providing this service whenever asked.                                                                                        
Altar Flowers
A calendar for altar flowers is posted on the door to the sanctuary where one may indicate a Sunday or Sundays they will take responsibility for providing flowers on the altar.  This is a wonderful way in which to remember a loved one, an anniversary or a birthday or mark an occasion for any reason.  This is a fitting way to utilize some of those beautiful summer blooms from your garden, or purchase them as you prefer.  Your donation and the reason, if indicated, will be noted in the worship bulletin.
Prayer Chain       
We are a church family that believes in the power of prayer.  If you have a prayer concern or request,  please notify either Pastor Gary.  Pastor Gary will notify the prayer chain via internet.  If you wish to submit a prayer request via this website, go to the home page, select "Requests", and then complete the form.  The form will go to Pastor Gary who will respond to your request.  If you would like to participate in this caring ministry, please contact Pastor Gary.
Funeral Food Service
The church prepares and serves food for funeral/memorial service attendees at the request of the funeral director.  The director lets the church know what the family would like and the projected attendance so the church coordinator can determine the quantity of food needed.  Women of the church make cookies/bars, salads if requested, and volunteer to prepare the entree, set tables and arrange the dessert trays.  Ingredients for preparation of the entree and any incidentals, including coffee and cream, are purchased and billed to the funeral home.  Other food items prepared may include sandwiches, casseroles, soup, or chili.  Leftovers are usually sent home with a family representative so that they have food at home for company that might be visiting.  If you would like to help with this service, please contact Shirley Sigafus.