Hayward United Methodist Church
Tuesday, November 30, 2021
Come Share the Warmth

Prayer Blanket Ministry



In October, 2005, we started a Prayer Blanket Ministry which has grown to include making Prayer Pillows and Prayer Shawls.  Members of our congregation knit, crochet, quilt, or sew prayer items that are then available to be given as comfort for anyone in need.  Each item is prayed over and has a tag on it with the following.   "We pray that God's healing touch will bring relief to you, and through His special graces may your mind and soul be comforted too.  A gift form the Hayward United Methodist Church, Hayward, Wisconsin."

Extra materials for use in making prayer items are kept in the white cupboard in the Fellowship Hall.  Feel free to use any of the materials and then place your finished item in the cupboard.  If you know of someone who is in need, please take one of the finished items and record it on the list found on the cabinet door.  

The following are just a few of the messages sent by the recipients of the prayer items, testifying to the ministry's value.

"There were many days I could not pray but knew that many people, like the Hayward United Methodist Church, were lifting me up in prayer!  The Prayer Blanket gives me warmth and reminds me that all of you care for me - you lifted me up.  I treasure this blanket and pray for all of you!"

"A couple of weeks ago, a beautiful prayer shawl was delivered to me on behalf of your congregation!  Since I'm not sure if I actually know a member of your church, I have no idea who to thank.  This gift truly touched my heart and I use it during quiet times of prayer and contemplation, always remembering it came from a fellow believer in Christ."

"Thank you ladies for the love you put into the Prayer Blanket Ministry.  My blanket has been so special in helping me heal and keeps me feeling I have HUMC right here with me.  I appreciate all the prayers and kind thoughts helping in my recovery from surgery."